Autograph Magazine - November 2008
Meet Michael Bortner

Florida Today: The Stories Behind the Flags - Book touts good-luck items Japanese soldiers took to war.

NBC KOMU: "Weaving a War Story" with contributions by Michael Bortner.

  Teri Jane Bryant's World War Two in the Pacific Japanese site.  Covers many areas of interest especially Japanese pistols, holsters, etc.  Teri has sections on Good Luck Flags, and One-Thousand Stitch Belts.
Banzai-monthly journal for Japanese military collectors.

Raymond C. LaBar's website that introduces his newly released book that provides a comprehensive study of the bayonets of Japan.

Vintage Productions are primarily dealers in higher end U.S./VietNam era and Japanese World War Two militaria.  They are also the owner-promoter of "The West Coast Historical Militaria Collector's Show."

Ron Werneth's new book that details the untold stories of WW2 Japan's naval airmen and mechanics in their own words.